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This is the official documentation for the Prepaid Hoster API. You can use our API to access Prepaid Hoster API endpoints, which can get information on products, orders, hostings, and more.


To authenticate some endpoints to the API, you need to use an API key (Bearer token). You can create an API key in the Vionity Webinterface.

You can use the API key as the value for the Authorization header like this:

Authorization: Bearer e9f8d118ddd87eedecf2ccf8e14b31e920213e919dc292310275dc81488bf61c

Rate limit

The API is not yet limited. We may add a rate limit to the /client endpoints in the future.

GET Parameters

GET Parameters are URL parameters, everything after the question mark in the URL. (index.php?page=1, where page is the GET parameter, with a value of 1)


The API supports multiple languages (de, en). You can set the language by using the Accept-Language header. If you don't set the header, the API will use the default language (german).

Request body

Please use the Content-Type header to specify the content type as application/json.

Response format

The API responds with JSON. Only a few endpoints respond with plain text, image/jpeg or application/pdf.

Response codes

The API responds with HTTP status codes. A 200 response code means that the request was successful. A 400 response code means that the request was not successful. The response body will contain more information about the error.

Ideas, Bugs, Security?

For all concerns, please contact


We are currently working on a PHP SDK.